Something that I try to remind myself of daily is: Life isn't about what you do, it's about who you are.

It's easy to get caught up in what you do, while forgetting about who you are. My good friend Marco and I began shooting together in 2017, and when we met, we knew right away that this was a life long friendship that God had intentionally orchestrated for more than documenting weddings. In the summer of 2018, Marco and I started talking and praying about shooting under one brand name. With other priorities on both of our plates, we weren't sure what the future of weddings looked like for us. As we continued to shoot together and pray about the idea of one wedding company, God began to speak to both of us separately about this idea — and so, we launched Beloved Films a year later. 

Fast forward to today, God has graciously and abundantly blessed us with not only the opportunity to film weddings, but photograph weddings and lifestyle sessions as well, leading to us rename the company to Beloved Studios in 2021.

Yes, our team LOVES being part of weddings, couples’ stories, and families’ stories, but to be honest, none of us are fully sure how long God will call us to be photographers and videographers for. Life with Jesus is an adventure, and we wouldn't be surprised if he pulled us in a completely different direction, away from photography & videography one day. For now, Beloved Studios is one of the mission fields He’s called us, so this is where we are joyfully serving and following the passion for photography, videography, and people that He’s placed on our hearts. Our lives aren't about what we do, it's about who we are — and who we are, is beloved in Christ.


definition: dearly loved by Creator God

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I've been in the wedding industry since 2017, starting with wedding videography, and now focusing on photography. My life and experience with Jesus flows into everything that I do. Being a wife and mother have been the most joyful and sanctifying callings -- callings that I pray I'm living in a way that points others to Jesus.

I believe that God calls me first to be His daughter, a wife, and a mother, before a business owner or photographer. Because of that, I have no idea how long I'll be a photographer, and I pray that the desires of my heart will be aligned with the God's will for my life.

My husband, Andy, and I have are learning how to raise a little human, are passionate about leading a community group in our local church, and love growing in our apprenticeships to Jesus. We love having friends over for a home cooked meal (it's my excuse to try a new recipe), quiet & restful days, bubble tea, and a good romantic C-Drama as I attempt to learn (some) Mandarin.


lead photographer & editor


lead videographer & editor



Nathan has been in the wedding industry since 2016. His primary love language is acts of service, which is demonstrated in the way he loves and serves couples on their wedding day. Nathan is passionate about making Jesus famous, and creating a space where people can come and meet Jesus. Nathan works as the Technical Director at his local church, covering multiple creative areas including photography, videography, audio, graphic design, and lighting.

Ever seen an aquarium garden? Nathan is THE GUY when it comes to aquascaping! Nathan also likes playing the drums, playing ultimate frisbee, and spending time downtown.

Pei has been in the wedding industry since 2015. His camera experience ranges from weddings, to headshots & corporate events, to real estate. Pei and his wife, Jen, have three boys and attend their local church where Jen is one of the worship leaders. Pei and his family are passionate about helping those facing human trafficking and its survivors. Pei's kind and selfless heart puts everyone at ease, bringing joy and life to a wedding day.

You can Pei riding around on his one wheel (which brings a lot of efficiency on wedding days!), spending time with his family, or prepping to build his first tiny home.


Marco was one of the co-founders of Beloved Studios, and has been in the wedding industry since 2015. Marco loves hearing people’s stories and believes that everyone has a story worth sharing. Telling one's story through videography is one of his greatest privileges. Marco's heart for Jesus is radically displayed in the way he cares for everyone he encounters. Marco is the youth pastor at his local church, where he and his wife Jenessa are passionate about seeing the next generation to live whole heartedly for Jesus.

You can find Marco frequenting the thrift shop, grabbing a cup of coffee shop in Vancouver, or chowing down on a good ol' hot bowl of white rice.


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